Photograph of West facade (entrance pavilion visible at center)

Client: US General Service Administration
Location: Suitland, Maryland
Size: 1,500,000sf main buildings; 1,000,000sf structured parking
Program: Office space for 6,000 people, Administration, Auditorium/Conference, Dining, Library, Parking for 3,000 cars
Cost: $330,000,000
Status: Completed 2007
Awards: Chicago Athenaeum, 2009; AIA NY State, 2007; IIDA/Metropolis, 2007; GSA, 2007; Businessweek/AR, 2007; AIA NYC Chapter, 2007; AIA NYC Chapter, 2005; Miami Beinnale, 2005; GSA, 2002
Link to web content: Architectural Record, ArchDaily, Architect Magazine, BusinessWeek

Key Roles: R. Anthony Fieldman, former Associate Partner and lead project designer, SOM

SOM - Architect of Record

Image credit: © Eduard Hueber unless otherwise noted




The 2.5 million square foot Census Bureau Headquarters nestles an XL corporate campus against a woodland preserve with minimal physical and visual impact to it, by extending that forest onto and through the buildings. A pervasive white oak ‘veil’ shields facades from solar radiation while camouflaging it from sensitive surroundings. Large exposed roofs on three of the campus’ eight curvilinear floors create accessible, multi-acre roof parks for use by the occupants during breaks. The buildings are lifted four stories up in places to let both landscape and people course through the heart of the campus. Even the parking garages are sheathed in seasonal flowering ivies, transforming throughout the year while scrubbing the air of vehicular toxins.

West facade (cafeteria visible at bottom)

Library and storm water retention pond - Image credit: © Floto and Warner

Dusk view of building from street - Image credit: © HKS Inc.

Large Lecture Hall - Image credit: © R. Anthony Fieldman

Interior of typical office

'Manufactured garden' and sculpture park

Ivy-clad, turf-covered parking garage - Image credit: © R. Anthony Fieldman

Detail photograph of wood sunshading blades - Image credit: © R. Anthony Fieldman

Massing transformation diagram - image credit: © SOM

Two views of the subterranean ground level concourse - with landscape light scoops. Right: Image credit: © R. Anthony Fieldman

Building sections showing relationship to landscape - image credit: © SOM

Site Plan (woodland preserve visible at bottom left) - image credit: © SOM

Photograph of main lobby interior - image credit: © R. Anthony Fieldman

Aerial construction photograph, c. 2008 (woodland preserve at left) - image credit: © Skanska USA