Client: Mohamad Harasani Architects
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Size: 646,000sf
Program: 250-key 5-star hotel, 32 branded residences, Outdoor pool/deck, Fitness, Restaurants/Clubs, Conferencing Facilities
Cost: Confidential
Status: Cancelled
Link to web content: Skyscraper City, Skyscraper News

Key Roles: Anthony Fieldman, former Principal and lead project designer, Perkins+Will

Perkins+Will, Architect of Record

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Situated on the Corniche in Beirut, the site of the new five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences Beirut sits astride the Mediterranean Sea, but is separated from it by a 75-foot limestone vertical cliff – an entire sea edge carved by water and revealing the limestone strata of the city’s geology. The adjacent hotel owns the exclusive rights to the beach, leaving the Ritz-Carlton without its prime amenity. 

The temperate climate supports significant outdoor activity; the building is an architectural response to a beach-less resort that nonetheless wants to participate in a lifestyle of leisure and sun.  Because of this, the conceptual framework for the hotel is to map the beach onto the building. Guests are provided their own personal cabana and spa in the form of their guest room. To achieve this, a 3-meter ‘collar’ of outdoor space rings every hotel and residential floor outside the glazed weather enclosure of the dwelling units, comprising 30% of each hotel key. In this zone, cast-sand floors and king-sized daybeds sit in full view of the Mediterranean Sea, while for privacy and solar control, the wood-lined cabanas are veiled with enormous sliding screens made of perforated cast-metal. In fact, the entire façade is sheathed in this semi-transparent skin, which throughout the day is transformed by the occupants’ act of opening and closing each ‘cabana’. Inside of the rooms, showers and soaking tubs line the glass, which also slides to offer guests the rare experience of bathing with the Mediterranean breeze.

Rendered overview of building at dusk

Rendered overview

Rendered view of Mediterranean from pool deck

Site location diagram, Corniche

Hotel room concept diagram

Plan diagram of typical hotel room

Rendered view of typical hotel room - 'private spa'

Rendered views of typical hotel room

Facade rendering detail

Building facade details

Massing stratification diagrams