Client: National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA)
Location: Jeddah, KSA
Size: 750,000sf
Program: Diagnostics and Treatment Block, Bed Tower, Parking, Mosque
Cost: TBD
Status: On Hold
Key Roles: Anthony Fieldman, Design Principal
Perkins+Will, Architects of Record

The NGHA Neuroscience Center brings together the best in international medical planning practices with an over-arching belief in the power of the natural environment to contribute to wellness – both for patient and medical practitioner alike. The architecture of the Neuroscience Hospital understands the connection between the mind and the body, and attempts to create a unique environment that nurtures both in equal doses. There are many studies that connect access to daylight, fresh air and views with  lower rates of stress, greater mental focus, and health. The architecture of the new Jeddah Neuroscience Hospital maximizes opportunities for doctors, nurses, patients and support staff to de-stress, during times of both focused activity and recuperation.  Thus, beyond the provision of state-of-the-art medical facilities, the architectural image of the hospital is defined by a series of ‘bay windows’ and ‘pocket gardens’ – spaces where building occupants are effectively midway between inside and outside – places where a patient can feel the sun on their cheek; a doctor can hear the calming rush of water; and a family can spend time with their loved ones in a shaded garden that promotes, along with the best of science-based care, a holistic sense of wellness and well-being.