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Client: Kaiser Permanente
Location: Lancaster, CA
Size: 200,000sf
Program: 100 patient beds, Outpatient diagnostics, Medical office building, Member services
Cost: TBD
Status: Competition win - project mobilization
Link to web content: Kaiser Permanente
Key Roles: Anthony Fieldman, Design Principal
Perkins+Will, Architects of Record

The small hospital is an incubator for a new health care business model, “wellness” and “health management” - where consumers and members access an expanded range of health services. By placing a significant wellness program element at the front door – the Wellness Pavilion— it signals a new relationship to people and health. The Small Hospital services most of the health needs of a community with coordinated, continuous, connected care delivered from an integrated health platform that includes inpatient, outpatient and primary prevention services. The small hospital celebrates new community partnerships - transforming from a single use land development to an integrated, multi-use setting. Partnerships increase the social and cultural exchanges on the site, seeding new economic growth opportunities within the larger community. In essence, the Small Hospital is the new civic architecture.

The small hospital development celebrates connection to the healthy, restorative natural world that surrounds it. It is a place where people want to work and members want to heal, a ‘healthy’ place where caregivers connect the work they do within the walls to the natural cycles they witness around them. Its development strengthens the underlying hydrology and restores the ecological capacity of damaged sites. It is energy and water self-sufficient. It is constructed with healthy and equitably sourced materials. Finally, it is resilient to climate and system impacts, continuing to be a functional community resource in times of crisis.

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