Client: GICSA
Location: City Santa Fe, Mexico DF
Size: 800,000sf
Program: 120-key 5-star hotel, 271 Branded Condominiums, Amenities, Wedding Hall/Ballroom
Cost: Confidential
Status: Canceled after Schematic Design
Awards: 2008 Chicago Athenaeum

Key Roles: R. Anthony Fieldman, former Associate Partner and lead project designer, SOM

SOM - Architect of Record

Image credit: © SOM


Perched at an elevation of over 9,000 feet above sea level, the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences City Santa Fe sits at the very edge of the cliff wall to an old gravel quarry and is conceived as a pair of 30- and 50-story tall cliff faces that have been carved from its stone, and frame far views to the valley of Mexico City below for those entering the development.

The hotel and residential towers are C-shaped and single-loaded; the inner corridor walls of the ‘C’ are solid, load-bearing shear walls made of cast-in-place concrete with crushed gravel aggregate from the quarry below. Fissures in the walls admit light into the corridors behind them where the floor plates ‘bend’. The outer walls of the hotel keys and residences are 100% glass and afford panoramic views of the valley below from every room. 

Lobbies sit nestled into the voids at the base of the towers, where the massive shear walls break open to allow passage from the lobbies to the elevators and amenities – the latter being carved into the quarry wall itself, in a series of cascading stone terraces for the property’s restaurants, pools, bars and wedding hall. A public stair connecting the neighborhood below the quarry and the new development is carved through the property and connects its terraces.