Client: Solow Building Company
Location: New York, NY
Size: 1,200,000sf (tower) / 5,000,000sf (development)
Program: Mixed-Use Tower, residential towers, publicly accessible open space, retail pavilion, structured parking
Cost: confidential
Status: On hold

Key Roles: R. Anthony Fieldman, former Associate Partner and lead project designer, SOM

SOM - Architect of Record

Image credit: © SOM unless otherwise noted

The East River Development envisions the creation of a new live-work community on the East River, consisting of a mixed-use tower and a series of residential towers surrounding a new multi-acre public open space overlooking, and extending to, the East River. The mixed-use tower is intended to anchor the southern edge of one of New York's most important urban districts - that of the United Nations, immediately to the North. Employing a structural dia-grid because of the limitations caused by the Midtown Tunnel, which lies directly underneath one of its edges, the striking triangular profile of the mixed-use tower is a practical reaction to the reality of building in a city with substantial underground activity. The tapering tower responds to its twin programs of office use (lower half) and residential use (upper half), creating an optimal floor plate for each. At 800 feet tall, the mixed-use tower is to be the tallest building on the East River.

Model photograph - image credit: © Jock Pottle