RAFT is an emerging, award-winning, international architecture practice based in New York City.  Our firm’s mission is immersed in two essential contexts: the evolutionary context of digital ubiquity, global connectivity and resource scarcity-- and the deep-rooted context of human emotion and well-being. We see a huge opportunity in re-framing the definition of value for our clients and the people who use our buildings, founded on five principles:

Integrated thinking We approach the design, engineering, ecology, and performance of projects holistically – the way it should be – not by dividing scope but by integrating dialogue and work flows between all members of our team and our clients’ team.  The result is design innovation and a rewarding, collaborative experience.

Doing more with less  Sustainability is more than a marketing term, and while using fewer resources is good, we can do better. RAFT harnesses our collective capabilities to advance what is possible in terms of energy and ecology, for our buildings and their occupants. Designing for Environmental Value is intrinsic to our daily work.

Design for Emotion Our buildings should move us. At RAFT we obsess about how our buildings feel to the people inside of them – in order to create powerful environments that delight, heal, provoke and uplift the human spirit. The creation of personal ownership and connection for those who experience our buildings and spaces is perhaps our most important goal.

Digital immersion  Great advances in architecture have been fed by powerful new tools for deep analysis and a common platform for discourse. We believe it’s our duty to understand and exploit these tools to advance building science and help ground it in real, measurable value.

An open mindDeep satisfaction comes from making discoveries that explore new ground and enhance what we, and our clients, thought possible. To do that, we have to trust our process, listen as much as we speak, see the underlying opportunities presented by various challenges, and resist pre-conceived solutions.